to the future

Innovative services
for marketing
and digital communication

Our solutions

We strongly believe in our work
It delivers value to the brand
and business of our clients

Our services

We support our clients
to reach their targets
with innovative professional services

Since the beginning we have worked to support companies and brands in the production,
adaptation and delivery of content for communication
and marketing.

Who we are
CDG Milano is a professional team that support advertising agencies, brands and retailers in the production, adaptation and delivery of content for print and omni-channel communication.

Our history
CDG Milano was born in 1968 as a service company for the advertising agencies.
Our mission has progressively shifted towards providing digital production services and solutions for communication and marketing.

What we do
We are able to support our clients in the production, management and distribution of digital content for omni-channel communication. We provide services and solutions supporting the Digital Supply Chain of brands and retailers.

Our values
We strongly believe in what we do. Our work delivers value to our client’s brand and business. We strive to make their work easier and help them manage and control their communication content.