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What we do delivers value to the brand
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CDG Milano offers innovative and customised solutions for omni-channel communication.

Innovation, simplicity, effectiveness are the keywords that distinguish our company’s mission.
Innovation. CDG Milano is constantly looking for new solutions while keeping at the forefront of information technology evolution.
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Marketing Asset Management
Manage and keep track of who, where and how accesses and uses your brand’s promotional materials. Maintain full control on the materials creative and production process through a single application.
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Media Marketing
Media planning services: setup and management of the campaign calendar, management of design, production and delivery of campaign digital assets.
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Digital Asset Management
CDG Milano Since 1998 has been developing a Digital Asset Management platform providing state of the art asset management services to our clients.
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Dynamic Publishing
This service addresses marketing and promotional needs of ATL campaigns for automotive brands and their dealerships by providing on-line personalisation and format adaptation of advertising and other marketing materials for local printing.
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CDG Digital Lab
The CDG Milano’s digital production Lab offers digital content editing services to Advertising Agencies and Brands including advertising and print materials adaptation and delivery services, as well as the production and delivery of digital content such as web banners, social posts materials, videos and images post-production for marketing communication, promotion and
omni-channel sales.
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We offer a complete array of services to support our client’s digital transformation processes.
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