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We help our clients achieve their target
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CDG Milano offers
innovative technology
and professional services
for omni-channel communication.

On-line Media
planning services
Platform for the creation, editing, approval and management of Media plans for advertising campaigns. Plans can be setup without limitation of calendar timeframe, geography or media type.
Today’s advertising campaigns media management is complex due to the ever-increasing variety of media types used by brands for advertising, each of them requiring a different set of technical specifications and controls for material delivery to the designated media outlet.
Additionally, the fast paced evolution of digital technologies and consumer market changes has made media planning for advertising campaigns difficult and time consuming to manage.
CDG Milano addresses the needs of clients in this area by providing tools to streamline management and control of campaign’s media planning activities and resources, thus delivering efficiency.
The CDG Milano Media Planning portal encompasses all services and functions the client needs for campaign media planning. This includes management of internal workflows among roles and functions, on-line approval of material’s layouts, management of artwork delivery to/from digital production suppliers and media outlets as well as content personalisation tools for retail stores / dealers. One platform, many services.
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Product Content Management services for retailers.
On-line product content management platform for the creation of product catalogues, look-books, promotional flyers and other product communication materials for brands and retailers.
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Personalization services for Social posts digital content.
Platform for on-line personalisation of Social network posts with image and video content.
Evolution and changes of the social media market are constant and fast paced. An increasing number of companies and organizations have taken advantage of the social networks as tools for marketing and promotions of their products and services.
CDG Milano has implemented a platform for the personalisation of Social network posts with images and video content.
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Video editing services
Video content boosts viewing, liking and sharing on Social networks and the web for more effective Internet marketing.
Video content is always effective for promoting products or services clearly and concisely through social media and video-sharing platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

On-line video marketing is essential for the promotion of many businesses in helping the creation and strengthening of brand identity. Video content is effective, captivating and engaging. Corporate and brand videos are great tools to build relationship and trust with your audience and the general public. Popular social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. make video sharing simple and immediate.
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Project reporting services
CDG Milano offers on-line project reporting services presenting detailed information regarding the project’s components and related activities such as: media type, item/subject, product, date, applied tasks, etc. Reports can be exported in Excel format.
CDG Milano project reporting software allows for the creation of different type of reports such as:
Detailed order reports.
Costing reports including the following information:
• Project timeline information
• Number of alterations/changes per job/project part/component
• Number of project items produced for project/budget allocation
• Comprehensive item approval information including annotations and claims
• Inventory of project documentation archive.
Integration with the client’s internal project management system (project/job order) enables cost reporting by cost-centre such as:
• Production costs/charges in relation to the total number of items produced.
• Production costs/charges in relation to production time.
• Production costs/charges in relation to the total number of re-worked items.
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HTML5 banner ads creation, personalisation and adaptation service.
Banner Ads campaigns creation and management.
Platform for the creation, editing and approval of HTML5 banners based on dynamic banner templates from which content personalisation (including links to content and/or link re-directions), dynamic size adaptation and delivery/download in the required format is made available to retail stores/dealers authorised users.
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E-procurement services for print materials and digital assets/content.
E-procurement platform for order management and fulfilment of print materials and digital production services for digital assets and web content (i.e. web banners). The e-procurement service guarantees faster turnaround as well as more control, security and reliability.
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Cinemagraph creation services
Cinemagraph techniques add movement to photographic images transforming them in “live” photos which enhance the viewer’s perception of reality of the image scene.
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Billboard posting verification service
CDG Milano billboard and outdoor signage posting verification service covers the Italian market nation-wide. It provides photographic documentation of the billboard posting through satellite imaging which can be accessed on-line.
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Dynamic Publishing services
CDG Milano Dynamic Publishing services allows for template-based generation and management of marketing and promotional materials of ATL and BTL campaigns for retail stores and dealer networks.
The service provides on-line personalisation of content and automatic format adaptation to the required media format.
Since 2009, CDG Milano has integrated its
E-Procurement services with Dynamic Publishing functions. The combined services allow for centralised generation of locally personalised advertising and marketing materials through brand approved templates that are made available to authorized retail stores and dealership users through an easy to use portal interface.

CDG Milano Dynamic Publishing was initially introduced for the personalisation of print advertising, print materials and signage applications. In its current evolution its offering has been extended to personalisation of HTML5 banner ads as well as personalisation of radio commercials and social media posting content. The service is integrated with a reference database providing all necessary technical and commercial specifications for each media outlet for which content production is supported and delivered. The specification database is constantly maintained to keep it up to date.

CDG Milano dynamic publishing engine uses complex algorithms to manage content personalisation and automatic content adaptations that are dependent on media requirements, brand content requirements and output format requirements.
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We offer a complete array of services to support our client’s digital transformation processes. For more information contact us to get in touch with our experts.